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23rd Convergence India 2015

Convergence India 2015


23rd Convergence India 2015

For the past 22 years, Convergence India, has been the go to event for the technology leaders and market honchos in the telecom and broadband markets. Bringing together some of the best minds in the industry together to discuss the most burning issues and technical innovations, this event is once again gearing up for another exciting year. As the Delhi’s temperature drops, the excitement rises for all the participants in the event.

Magnaquest Team looks forward to be part of the event this year. With increasing investment into the IT infrastructure and technology markets, India is fast emerging into a communication hub for the SAARC region. Magnaquest is proud to be a part of the event in this yet another upcoming chapter of Convergence India at Pragati Maidan.

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Meet our team

Mr Venu Madhav
VP, Sales – India & SAARC
E-mail: venu.madhav@magnaquest .com
Mobile: +91 98665 58344

Mr Chanakya Levaka
Global Strategy & Marketing – Media & Entertainment
Mobile: +91 89701 33939

Ms. Madhavi Natukula
Global Strategy & Marketing – Broadband & Telecom
Mobile: 0027 746322028

Mr Sashi Ghuha
Regional Sales Manager (India & SAARC)
Mobile: +91 98189 93553


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