Through this Cookie Policy (“Cookie Policy”), we, Magnaquest, Inc. (“Magnaquest”), detail our data collection and usage practices concerning personal data we gather through cookies on our site. This Cookie Policy only includes information collected through the site. Unless explicitly defined in this Cookie Policy, capitalized terms shall have the meaning outlined in the Magnaquest Privacy Statement (“Statement”) (

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files downloaded by your Internet browser and stored on the device you use to access the site (e.g., your desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone). Cookies tend to record information relevant to users, their basic profiles, their interests and priorities, authentication information, security structures, and other data analytics on the users’ activity on our site.

Why we use Cookies?

The site uses cookies to gain insights on how you use our site and to enhance user experience. When you visit the website, your Internet browser transfers the cookies as well as the data contained back to the servers they were originally downloaded from. The evaluation and processing of this data enable us to secure the site’s performance, customize your online experience, and optimize the site’s construction and content.

We also use cookies for advertising purposes. You can individually regulate the use of cookies at the browser level. If you reject cookies, you may still use our site, but it may limit your ability to use some features or areas of our website.

Our Cookie Categories:

  • EssentialThese are cookies necessary for the site’s functioning to deliver an online service, enforce legal commitments, or fulfill user requests. They enable services like network conveyance and user authentication, allowing users to access crucial features and foster support for our user base.
  • Serviceability-These cookies enable enhancement of the site’s working and address any hindrances users experience on visiting. They aid web data metrics like maintaining the visitor count and monitoring visitors’ usage of the site, which helps us sustain easy user- navigation of our site.
  • Customization- These cookies help us customize user experience through the retention of user preferences and user recognition when they return to the site. Loss of this information can affect the structure and performance of our site and services.
  • Analytics-These cookies log user visits to the site, their use of the services, the pages visited, and the links followed. We use this data to make the site more relevant to the visitors’ interests. For the same purpose, this information may be shared with third parties.