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[mukam_service style=”services-1″ icon=”mukam-paytv ” header=”Pay TV Billing & CRM Solutions” link=”/solutions/billing-crm-pay-tv/” animation=”no_animation”]The market has never been this exciting for Pay TV providers. Access to Media & Entertainment and its consumption is going through a shift in pattern and practice. Convergence and multiple-play have opened up newer horizons for Pay TV players.[/mukam_service]
[mukam_service style=”services-1″ icon=”mukam-broadband” header=”Broadband & Telecom Billing & CRM Solutions” link=”/solutions/broadband-billing-crm/” animation=”no_animation”]Convergence and multiple-play have opened up newer horizons for broadband players to explore. Recurring businesses thrive on the ability to retain customers, increase ARPU and monetize more services that your subscribers are using.[/mukam_service]
[mukam_service style=”services-1″ icon=”mukam-cloudar” header=”Cloud Billing & Subscription Management Solutions” link=”/solutions/billing-crm-cloud-business” animation=”no_animation”]Always-on, multi-location and multi-device access of content has made Cloud an intrinsic and indispensable mode of storing, archiving and accessing data/content for most individuals/organizations.[/mukam_service]
[mukam_service style=”services-1″ icon=”mukam-hmuti” header=”Utility Billing and CIS Solutions” link=”/solutions/billing-cis-utilities” animation=”no_animation”]Our Cloud based Utility Billing, Meter data management and Customer Care solution for Municipal Utilities helps you respond positively and productively to the demands of your constituents, no matter what changes you face. [/mukam_service]


[mukam_service style=”services-1″ icon=”mukam-sandtime” header=”Subscription Billing & Revenue Management” link=”/products/sure-billing-revenue-management/convergent-billing-bss-oss” animation=”no_animation”]SURE!-Billing-&-Revenue-Management
Encompasses Convergent billing combining all charges across multiple services for a single customer; Inbuilt dunning and payment capture mechanisms with payment gateway integrations.
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[mukam_service style=”services-1″ icon=”mukam-sandtime” header=”Subscription CRM” link=”/products/telecom-crm/marketing/” animation=”no_animation”]SURE!CRM
SURE! CRM is an End-2-end lead and customer management tool which helps in understanding the leads and customers, retain customers and attract prospects by offering promotions and increase overall profitability. Request a Demo [/mukam_service]
[mukam_service style=”services-1″ icon=”mukam-sandtime” header=”Analytics & Reporting” link=”/products/data-analytics-and-reporting/” animation=”no_animation”]SURE! Analytics & Reporting Tool
Today many organizations struggle to manage their ever growing volume of data. If the data is structured, organized and analyzed, you can transform your data into intelligence. Hence the need for analytics
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[mukam_service style=”services-1″ icon=”mukam-sandtime” header=”AAA and PCRF” link=”/products/aaa-server/” animation=”no_animation”]SURE! SURE! AAA and PCRF
SURE! AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) is a perfect response to such ever- increasing access controlling needs. It is not only of enterprise-grade quality AAA and scalable but also agile. Request a Demo [/mukam_service]


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