OTTFebruary 7, 2023

How to Master Customer Acquisition for Greenfield OTT

It takes time for a greenfield OTT company to catch up to the industry veterans. There are several obstacles you must resolve when you are new to the field. But opportunities also come with certain difficulties. Any new business will always find it simpler to attract customers if it has the proper tools and capabilities to support it. The difficulties multiply without the proper guidance and support, and you are left to handle them on your own.

You don’t have to be concerned about going it alone if you’re an OTT greenfield company. Magnaquest offers some of the most crucial features required to capitalise on your OTT greenfield business and establish yourself in the industry. Nevertheless, in this article, we have summed up some of the best ways with which you can acquire more new customers for your greenfield OTT.

Understanding OTT

An OTT platform, also known as an over-the-top platform, uses the internet to deliver video content to multiple devices such as smartphone, tablet, or smart TV. OTT apps changed from serving as an upsell attribute to platforms that users expect as part of their visual experience, driven by the pandemic and the loyal fan base it created. In reality, OTT platforms are now a popular medium for consumers to access media content because OTT subscribers have trumped traditional Pay TV viewers.

How to Grow a New OTT Platform’s User-base:

Produce Unique Content

Approximately 50% of OTT video viewers, according to research, have numerous subscriptions. This implies that in order to grab viewers’ attention, your OTT channel might need unique and pertinent content.

Using Social Media

It becomes challenging for companies and brands to connect with wider audiences and interact with current customers without leveraging the potential of social media. Going one step further, you can publish trailers, promotional videos, and videos targeted at your platform with the appropriate hashtags as core component of your OTT advertising strategy to attract more users. As a result, people become aware of your digital platform. And frequently, fans or clients are eager to check out your profile and get in touch with you further.

Freemiums and Give-away Episodes

A 30-day free trial is offered by a number of OTT services before users choose to sign up for a paid version. Users have a variety of subscription plan options. Your package, whether it be free trials or monthly and yearly subscriptions, will rely heavily on your target market.

If you’re setting up a new greenfield OTT platform, think about using a freemium business model that offers unrestricted access to standard content and charges extra for paid content. Free episodes act as a screen to bring in new viewers because they let them see what to anticipate from your OTT stream.

Marketing and Advertisements

As you are aiming for related audiences, OTT marketing, like TV commercials, is useful for generating visitors for your OTT platform. It can be difficult because you have to modify the same advertisement depending on the device it will be displayed on. The best part is that OTT advertisements let a streaming service or experts target particular interests, actions, and demographic trends.


Content producers and broadcasters must discover better ways to entice and keep users as OTT audience size grows. As you are aware of the various customer acquisition techniques, it is time to promote your OTT platform and build a lucrative video streaming company. Whether you’re looking to start and expand your streaming platform, Magnaquest SURE helps you get off the ground with access to all subscription billing and CRM features, including VOD, payment gateways, analytics, and more.