Why Sure?

Subscription services have taken the retail world by storm. Businesses both big and small are trying to cash-in on this and get on board quickly. But they are hitting a roadblock as this business model requires a lot of effort when it comes to managing subscriber experience. Users are no longer just one time customers but periodic subscribers. It’s imperative therefore, for businesses to take end-to-end ownership of the overall subscriber experiences seriously.

Here’s how Sure can help:

Seamless Monetization

Evolution of box industry into a subscription-based business model has given rise to new challenges due to the customers’ growing demands. Keeping pace with them requires a robust resolution.  Sure’s solution and tools make sure that this process is simplified. With the help of SURE platform, offerings can be monetized as per business needs. It also supports social media sign-ups, free limited trial services, coupons; referrals, promotional offers, and loyalty that will help you engage your customers efficiently and ensure their satisfaction.

End-to-end payment collection and follow-up mechanism for state-of-the-art Subscription based billing

Smart Billing

With support for most subscription models, including trial-based ones, Sure offers you complete freedom to quickly design and incorporate that billing model which best suits your services. SURE’s robust and agile billing solution can be quickly adapted to changing needs and with unparalleled flexibility. This dynamic billing feature ensures an improved customer experience apart from maximizing revenue.

Faster Go To Market

Sure platform can be leveraged by you to design and experiment newer service offerings. With smart subscriber management solution, end-to-end convergent billing, CRM, Partner Management and Marketing tools, Sure empowers you to quickly launch new offerings, send communications that helps you stay ahead of the game.

Deeper Insights

It’s highly essential that you as a business understand and mold your services depending on subscribers needs. As the marketplace evolves, meaningful insights can prove to be the lynchpin around which your services are designed. With Sure’s analytical platform, customized insights can be captured to assist you in offering better services, plans and promotional deals considering subscribers’ preferences, usage data, issues raised and more.  It also provides you with pre-built dashboards highlighting Churn, LTV, MRR, APRU, etc. to help you strategize your business in an efficient and time-bound manner.

Our Customers



Thanks to Sure! high scalability and feature rich functionality, we are able to manage our operations efficiently. Its web-based solution with Arabic language user-interface has helped us spread our operations across the Middle East region.

Ahmed A Aziz

Director of Technology & Operation, Sector Almajd