Why Sure?

If there’s one space where the subscription models are rapidly trending, it’s the media space. From selling physical media offerings to e-publishing and digital memberships, the recent past has proved to be a bittersweet experience for media companies. In this day and age of high-speed internet, smartphones, content aggregators and social media, the industry shift towards physical and digital subscription-based models along with long term customer relationship is but inevitable.

Here’s how Sure can help:

Built For Everyone

Media today has truly transcended boundaries, cultures and demographics. Managing this could prove to be tricky even for established entities. Our solution and tools make sure that this process is simplified so that you can focus on the other essential matters like quality and creative content. You can control seamless social media sign-up options, customize membership plans, get support for international currencies, tax compliance and multiple payment options with Sure. From anywhere you get to monetize your offerings efficiently.

Smart Reading Experience

A simple and functional user interface goes a long way in enhancing user experience while making sure you retain existing subscribers and gain new ones. With Sure, you can achieve this by leveraging the lightweight and smart CRM for better customer satisfaction. Besides, using CDN integration, you can be assured of a lag-free presentation and offer smart recommendations based on usage patterns.

Strategic Marketing

Apart from helping you deliver great customer experiences, Sure’s platform helps you open new revenue streams, plug leakages and offer flexible options to monetize new services. As a result you retain your membership base and attract newer ones by offering value-added services and sign-up offers.

Smarter Insights

Sure supports all the standard industry metrics including usage, churn and revenue insights to gain deeper understanding of customer behavior. Members love the freedom to choose what they want, when and how often they want and how to pay for it. Sure’s analytics and insights can help you make informed decisions and deliver great customer experiences that help you strategize your business better.

Our Customers



Sure project team with its strong domain skills & expertise helped us to migrate to new system quickly and trained our user groups. We now use the Sure Express System without having to worry about hardware & software, periodic back-ups and any other maintenance issues.

Carlos Alberto Bedian Perez

Director, AireCable, Mexico