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Market Trends

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Evolution of customer needs:

Customers and Market needs are always changing!

MSPs are also evolving in offering new technology based services that help their customers in having the required services and solutions. The number of companies relying on outsourced IT Infra specialist is growing. Most of the enterprises are opting to go with an MSP for one or more applications being outsourced. Few such services are, email hosting, customer relationship management (CRM) applications, storage, backup and recovery and network monitoring.

It’s not just stopped there, few enterprises are moving further with MSPs even for data analytics, business intelligence and advanced application monitoring. Managed services customers are moving beyond simply seeking costs savings to even bigger benefits – becoming more competitive or efficient. Keeping up with business and technology demands ensures MSPs don’t miss out on additional revenue or lose customers to competitors.

New Business & Strategic Partnerships:

MSPs are working smarter instead of harder, which is a very positive sign of this market being growing multi fold in coming years. With low-touch, high-value, high-margin solutions in their product portfolios, MSPs are now having more options to make more Happy Customers and also to make more profits, which is a real Win-Win scenario.

MSPs with their partners provide adequate resources to help sell and support their products. Smart MSPs know their businesses won’t be successful without the right resources and support from their partners. They find partners with superior support, sales enablement tools and other resources, to ensure they’re making the best margins, acquiring new business on a regular basis and maintaining high customer-retention rates.

Easy to Access Archives – Cloud Economies

MSPs and their customers are taking advantage of cloud economics to cut costs, while service levels are improved. Preserving valuable business data with protecting IP and other critical information are the highest concern. This is no surprise, considering there’s never been more data for businesses to maintain a complete and easy-to-access archive, to comply with government mandates, industry regulations and corporate policies. Customers need to find exactly what they need, whenever they need it. Without access to all relevant email messages and file attachments, businesses can face many issues, including revenue loss, fines, sanctions and other penalties.

Post Product – Business Modules & their Value Addition

Over the years, MSP business model is backed by extensive research and development to boost their features and extend platforms to accommodate additional customers. It takes a lot of research and development to review architectures and adjust infrastructures to suit different customer needs.

Fortunately, MSPs have now found an easy way out- by avoiding all the R&D hard work and opting for APIs. This trend is expected to pick up and gain momentum in the near future, with MSPs pursuing third party integration tools for less effort requirement and lesser cost method of expanding their platforms. Consequently, vendors, ISVs and customers will simply integrate the services into their architectures without extensive development. This will see managed services expand faster and grow in popularity particularly among small and medium sized businesses.

Optimized IoT

According to Gartner Research, Internet-of-Things is already gaining momentum and will be a significant device feature in the near future. Currently, there are more than 4.9 billion Internet-of-Things enabled devices and the number is expected to grow by 30% on a yearly basis. The biggest beneficiaries, of course, are consumers due to the ability of networking their managed services on their devices.

Unfortunately, despite this excitement, there is a downside- security. According to Experian Data Breach Resolution, hackers are expected to pounce on the IoT network vulnerabilities once it starts going mainstream. It offers new, unexploited channels of hacking into managed service architectures.

To reduce the risk, consumers will of course depend on MSPs who offer innovative, secure services in an industry which is consistently facing increasing data security threats. Therefore, to reap the rewards of an expanding market base, MSPs will have to invest heavily in security, data protection and disaster recovery.

Managed Service around UC Ecosystem

Service providers are launching a complete managed service package for the Unified Communication Ecosystem. This helps customers in not to worry on the network management and utilization aspects. Moreover it also allows them to access voice, video, analytics and view multitenant performance trends and reports. In simple words, It covers every aspect of the communications spectrum, including instant messaging, voice, video and Web conferencing.

Hybrid Management

With all those cloud services comes the opportunity of managing and integrating multiple solutions. MSP platform companies have been adding hybrid management solutions to their offerings. MSPs must embrace the customer-facing position of providing support for it all. As companies have invested large sums of money into [their] infrastructures, they’re not able to throw that out and go to cloud overnight, so it remains a hybrid world. It’s a significant percentage of customers. They need to support an environment that’s a mix of on premise and cloud, and they are looking for an MSP that can optimize work flow that scales from on premise to cloud.


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