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Position Title: Customer Success Engineer

Job Location: Hyderabad

Experience : 2-5 years

 Principal Responsibilities:


Support to customers in suitable time zones. Handles customer queries on app

management, installation of POS integration plug-ins and support. Will resolve issues or

escalate as required. Will take onus of coordinating with development in case of serious

immediate issues.


1) Account creation support

  1. a) Will set up user accounts: installs POS integrations and configures the account for

the user.

  1. b) He will remotely login at the customer’s system and install plugins and such as

required by the process.

2) Troubleshooting issues

  1. a) He will look into issues reported by clients, get all necessary debugging info on it,

try resolving or escalate to engineering team.

  1. b) When showstopper bugs are reported, ensure that quick patch fixes are made in

live environment by working with engineering and product management teams

and ensuring proper testing.

3) Working with partner teams

  1. a) For issues reported on Email/SMS delivery, will look-up issues on respective

partner accounts for more info, try resolving or escalate to engineering team.

4) Support

  1. a) He will look into all support tickets and provide assistance wherever possible or

forward to appropriate member of the team.

  1. b) He will be responsible for taking up and coordinating with appropriate teams to

resolve issues.

  1. c) Based on customer requests, will perform DB lookups and data exports, taking

appropriate help from development team.

Critical Skills Required:

  • Excellent problem-solving and debugging skills Computer Sciences knowledge with good aptitude
  • Fluency in English mandatory
  • Very good communication skills
  • Good documentation skills
  • HTML design knowledge preferred
  • DB querying knowledge preferred
  • Self driven

Candidate Specification:

Degree in computer sciences – B. Eng./B Tech/ B. Sc. (Comp)

3+ years experience in customer facing roles

Flexibility to work in any shift timing and agreeable to change as needed