SURE! Product Vision

As Service Providers embrace multiple services like Internet, Pay TV, VoIP etc, their CRM&BSS solutions will have to gear up with unquestionable capabilities to price and compute cost and profitability, offer specialized products and packages to customers (based on the multi touch points the customer will have depending upon the multiple services they use) and competence to process high volumes of data in real time.

A CRM and BSS solutions provider like Magnaquest who has significant presence in multiple verticals, saw this happen as early as the beginning of the millennium and deliberately positioned itself as a multi-industry transaction pricing and billing company.

Today as we continue to move on this path we are uniquely positioned to bring to bear best practices from many industries to help Service Providers profit from the cross–industry experience. Operating within the overall architectural vision of our product and service, we leverage our two decade-long experience and expertise in pricing and billing across diverse verticals to deliver cost-effective solutions for our customers. Our products, services and solutions provide a comprehensive platform to our customers for measuring and monitoring transaction value, enabling tighter control on profitability.

Our solutions are fluid enough to imbibe the best practices from multiple industries and unique customer requirements which, when delivered to customers would be stable enough that are customer ready from the word go. Fluid solidity is hence our motto.

SURE! – Product Overview

SURE! Product Overview

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SURE! Billing & Revenue Management

Encompasses Convergent billing combining all charges across multiple services for a single customer; Inbuilt dunning and payment capture mechanisms with payment gateway integrations. Also has Real time, convergent rating engine which supports multi service postpaid and prepaid rating. High performance prepaid engine that handles all mode of prepaid business models. Inbuilt support for voucher management and payment gateway interfacing. SURE! Billing & Revenue Management provides operators with a Next generation platform for managing products, bundling, rate and revenue share definition with the option to capture customer and transaction specific variations. Onboarding and managing partners with SURE! Billing & Revenue Management is easy as Revenue Settlement with all stake holders involved in revenue and service delivery chain with support for invoice comparison and reconciliation can be done easily via the Partner Settlement functionality inbuilt into the product.

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SURE! CRM is an End to end lead and customer management tool which helps in understanding the leads and customers, retain customers and attract prospects by offering promotions and increase overall profitability. It consists of BPMN compliant work flow management with escalation, re-routing and other management tools with work and staff allocation. Also has Pentaho based reporting capabilities to generate dashboards, ad-hoc reports and perform analytics.

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SURE! AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) is a perfect response to such ever- increasing access controlling needs. It is not only of enterprise-grade quality AAA and scalable but also agile. SURE! AAA supports multiple vendors, technologies and networks. SURE! AAA is 3GPP compliant and MDO supported. SURE! PCRF engine enforces policy management and flow-based charging that helps manage and control your network resources smartly, frugally and in real-time responding to demand and usage patterns.

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SURE! Provisioning

High Speed, multi-threaded next generation provisioning engine with pre-built interfaces with network elements supported with error management.

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Business Benefits of SURE!

  • Enhanced Customer Experience by allowing customers to manage his/her operations and on-time communication
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership by having commodity boxes based installation, fast and simple deployment and effective maintenance of operations.
  • Faster Time to Market using easy to use Product Catalogue exposed to customers and product managers.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency by having mobile based field force App to optimize the activities
  • Future Ready Solution – Provides Flexibility and Modularity for Future Adaptations Rather than Requiring Replacements Every Few Years
  • Reduction in Revenue Leakages by having suspense management and real-time processing solutions.
  • Maximize ARPU by offering personalized plans and improved customer services using the tools available in the SURE! suite

Overview of SURE! functionalities

SURE! CRM and Billing System has been forerunner in giving solutions for Pay TV, ISP, Utilities and Cloud billing markets across years. With the knowledge gathered over years of experience understanding the industry, the product keeps on evolving and comes out with advanced features which serve beyond the normal requirements for the service providers as well as bringing in innovation to reduce customer churn.

CRM covers all three aspects viz – Sales, Marketing and Customers Care associated in making a lead a prospect to a customer and then making sure that the customer is with the service provider. The Product Catalogue feature makes sure that all plans are effectively captured and all possible variations are captured and rolled out into market on the fly.

Campaign and Lead Management functions make sure that new offers launched by the service providers are reaching the prospects by email or SMS or any campaigns which can be configured in the system. In addition to that, contact center module is also introduced to have the calls handled properly. Mobile enabled field management and homes passed features are also added to bring in value addition to the service provider.

Pricing and Billing modules makes sure that all transactions are properly captured and charged based on the plan of the customer and billed (in case of postpaid) in the scheduled intervals which is send to the customers be email or similar notifications. Dunning is a standard built-in feature to chase bad debts. Rules can be configured and executed for bad debt chasing.

Prepaid module is included to support multiple payment models enabling the service providers to opt for multiple options to be launched to the end customers rather than restricting themselves to the product functionality. With the Product Catalogue that can support all customer and transaction related variations, prepaid module can bring significant edge for the service providers while launching their services. Prepaid module combined with the postpaid features of the solution can bring the real convergence for a service provider.

Partner Settlement module makes sure that agreements associated with all stake holders involved in the revenue chain and service delivery are captured and handled. Revenue shares can be defined and charges can be computed based on the revenue share and settlement can be arrived at.

Analytics and BI are enhanced in the new version of the Product. This feature allows service provider to tap into databases and deliver easy-to-comprehend insight to employees, management, and business partners. SURE! BI platform unlocks the inherent value of business data and provides the tools for effective business decision-making, giving a great return on your BI investment. Inbuilt responsive web self care module makes the picture complete where the service provider makes sure that the customer experience is ensured to its maximum.

SURE! with the help of all the next generation features is sure to give significant value add to the customers and place themselves in the next orbit in the path of moving towards innovation and service delivery.