SURE! ART (Analytics & Reporting Tool)

Transform your data into intelligence

Today many organizations struggle to manage their ever growing volume of data. If the data is structured, organized and analyzed, you can transform your data into intelligence. Hence the need for analytics and Big Data solutions is becoming more essential than ever.

At the outset of organizations looking for a solution to manage the ever growing volume of data, SURE! ART serves as the cost effective solution to work on the data, generate reports and dashboards which aids in arriving at the right decisions. With the concepts of Big Data maturing at a faster pace, it is quite important that maximum flexibility is given while generating the reports which enable generation of exhaustive and informative results in minimum time.

Typically users depend on IT team for report generation to visualize and explore data that has impact on business outcomes.  The developers integrate data from different sources to generate reports for analyzing and visualizing data. To overcome this situation, our reporting solution, SURE! ART, is introduced which helps business users to access and visualize data without depending on IT staff.  This tool is used to generate reports in multiple formats which include PDF, RTF, HTML, XLS etc.

The important features of our solution include,

  • Interactive reports
  • Analytical reports
  • Dashboard designer
  • Report scheduler
  • Ad-hoc analysis of large amounts of data (Drill-down, Sliceand Dice)
Benefits of SURE! ART
  • Users can design the reports themselves without the help of IT staff.
  • Enables visualizing your business performance and hence effective analysis and quick decision making
  • Allows tailoring dashboard views and shows real time data.
  • Data drill down features for deeper and effective analysis
  • SURE! ART fetches data from resources which are designed exclusively for reporting.  Hence the report generation process will not affect the performance of other business critical operations.
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