Subscription business has provided growth opportunities for domains such as Entertainment, VOD, PayTV, SaaS and education among others. There are new markets to tap and distinct customer segments to reach, high value subscribers to retain and lost customers to win back. Whatever your need, SURE can help you run, scale and grow your subscription business. From subscription monetization, billing and CRM to subscriber lifecycle management, partner management and business growth, SURE helps you handle every crucial business need simply and easily.

Acquire & Retain Customers

As a subscription business, you get access to new data about the behaviour of your prospects and customers on a regular basis. Analyzing this data can reveal useful insights on customers’ preferences. Based on these, you can make changes to your offerings and optimize them in every cycle. This is where SURE can help. Its flexible product catalogue, pricing and promotion capabilities let you respond quickly, target different customer segments and test alternatives to arrive at decisions most optimal for your business.

Manage Recurring Revenue

Tracking and managing your revenue stream is a challenge for any business. How to ensure subscribers have a seamless experience from signup to bill payments. You need to track revenues at various levels (product, geography, subscriber), allow one-time and repeat payments through various payment gateways.  Then support customized billing requirements based on business needs. For such a scenario, SURE is the simplest and most efficient way to manage your subscription revenues. It offers smart, comprehensive billing and revenue management and has inbuilt capabilities to mitigate failure risk and seamlessly follow up on payment failures.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

For a subscription business that relies on repeat revenue having a finger on customer’s pulse—knowing their needs, preferences and behaviour—is very vital. Knowing this helps you retain your customers and increase their lifetime value for your business. With SURE, you can precisely segment customers, target right promotions, adapt pricing strategy and arrest churn by taking timely action on customer concerns. You can also give your subscribers full control over their subscription through self-care features and reward them with loyalty points.

Seamlessly Manage Partner Relationships

Digitization has accounted for global growth for businesses who might be headquartered in one place and have partners all over the world. Such a business model comes with certain challenges: managing across geographies, currencies and local regulations. You need control over your operations and give your partners the necessary autonomy to carry out their business. SURE lets you do both. It gives you a real-time, bird’s-eye view of your partners’ operations and performance and lets you make informed recommendations to scale up/down, launch promotions or revisit pricing strategies.