Converged Prepaid Charging

With industries moving rapidly into prepaid mode of business, it is very important that the solution providers are ready with a converged prepaid charging system to rate prepaid customers. High volume processing with very high demands for short response times is a necessity in prepaid systems. It should support session monitoring, subscription balance monitoring and provisioning activities based on the policy configured for any particular subscription. All these processes have to happen in real-time.

When it comes to Pay TV scenarios, the prepaid system should be able to support advanced charging methods like Daily Burn, On-demand charging etc.

SURE!, a Magnaquest product, has Converged Prepaid Charging module that offers a wide range of services including multi-service management, session management specific to each service, balance management and interface management with other systems for subsequent provisioning activities.


  • Supports real-time collection of events in Industry Standard Protocols (like RADIUS and DIAMETER)
  • Supports real-time pricing based on the plan available for the subscription.
  • Ability to check balances and perform provisioning activities.
  • Ability to allocate balances for each session of a service.
  • Ability to check balances associated with individual sessions of the same service.
  • Ability to perform balance check (predictive charging) before ordering a PPV event or starting a new service (Data Download).
  • Supports daily balance depletion model where the cost associated with a movie package is reduced per day based on the usage.
  • Ability to account for PPV charges from the total balance and recalculate total balance to continue with daily depletion.
  • Ability to transfer amounts from postpaid account to a prepaid account in case the prepaid balance is exhausted.
  • Pooling of usage limits between multiple prepaid services in the customer hierarchy
  • Supports on-the-fly discounts based on usage
  • Ability to interface with voucher management module and manage the entire life cycle of vouchers
  • Ability to interface with AAA for getting the usage details as well as to pass authentication messages to perform required provisioning activities.

Converged Prepaid Charging

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