Convergent Billing

SURE! Convergent Billing

Convergent Billing

SURE! is an End to end convergent charging and billing system, covering prepaid and postpaid, video, voice and data for both retail and wholesale.

Convergent billing allows customers to create one bill for multiple services and offerings such as Video, Broadband, VOIP and etc. It allows creation of new services and packages quickly and cost effectively.

Key features of convergent billing include:

  • Right Fit Solution: End to End platform meets the needs of tier 2 and tier 3 Video, Broadband and LTE operators
  • Supports multiple models: Supports both pre-paid and post-paid modes in a single solution
  • Scalable: SURE! grows as the operator grows, providing support to increased subscriber numbers along with new capabilities and features
  • Agile: Highly flexible to support current and future billing requirements
  • Integrates Easily: Open-architecture for easy integration into external support systems, and thus smoothening the work for either party involved.
  • NO “Bill Shock” to the customer: Customers are well updated with their usage pattern hence aren’t surprised when the final accumulated bill arrives.
  • Knowledge of new offerings and Flexibility of choice: Customers get to know of personalized service bundles, pricing and shared plans, to support and control family and business usage.
  • Customer service enhancement: 360 degree view of customer information is presented enabling customer service to create better.

Thus, such billing system gives flexibility to both corporate as well as individual customers to make payments as per their suitable circumstances.

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