SURE! Convergent Rating

Convergent rating engine is an important aspect of your business especially when it comes to charging XDRs (CDRs, UDRs and EDRs) that originated from multiple systems. Tracking all XDRs, applying the business logics based on complex rules available in the product catalogue, arriving at the correct rates and even tracking revenue leakage is highly critical for a service provider from a revenue assurance point of view.

SURE!, a Magnaquest product, has a Convergent Rating Engine, which can perform collection of XDRs in multiple formats, apply rates as per the configured business rules and arrive at a charge for the usage line items.


  • Seamless interface with external systems
  • Simple and highly configurable screens
  • Globally benchmarked processing speed and efficiency
  • Revenue leakage prevention mechanisms – re-rating of XDRs that are incorrectly rated and rejected
  • Flexible XDR/event format processing
  • Real-time and batch mode processing
  • Support for multiple currencies and exchange rates
  • Transaction audit log maintenance
  • Support for multiple computational models

Convergent Rating

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