Customer Care and Customer Relationship Management

Intuition is a quality that would go very long in beating churn and keeping your subscriber delight ratings high. Customer service is no longer about retaining customers through prompt resolution. It is about identifying their needs, servicing those needs, ensuring retention, and nurturing profitable customer relationships.

SURE!, a Magnaquest product, has a Customer Care solution that offers a wide range of services that can significantly enhance your customers’ experiences. This module tracks the day-wise and activity-wise progress of your relationship with a prospective customer right up until the customer becomes a permanent subscriber.


  • Prospect Management
    • Record information of all prospects who make inquiries
    • Provide trial plans to prospects
    • Record transactions with prospective customers to identify her/his interest in your offerings.
    • Capture the time of the day when your customer prefers to be approached through a call
    • Define Sales/ Follow-up team shifts and schedule them in order to provide 24/7 service
    • Capture customer feedback which can be used for further analysis
    • Support user-defined prospect stages based on pre-defined rules to meet the specific business requirements of each service provider
    • Switch-over from ‘prospect’ to ‘customer’, when a prospect shows interest in the service, thereby reducing the time-to-serve
    • Capture the reasons for discontinuation by a prospect, which can be used for further analysis
  • Customer and Services Management
    • Provisioning the change from prospect to the permanent subscriber and associating a plan to the service
    • Capturing the details of work orders for tracking
    • Collection of subscription charges, and generation of work orders for all connections, disconnections, installations and service calls.
    • 360-degree single-view access to subscriber and operational information
  • Hierarchy Management
    • Management of parent-child customer hierarchy
    • Reporting activities based on hierarchy
  • Enquiry Services
    • A single view of customer and services and all related details in one screen
    • Attending to queries from a customer based on the info available in the single view screen
  • Credit control
    • The option of defining credit limit for postpaid customers and threshold usage limit for prepaid customers
    • Tracking the usage of the customer against the limit set
    • Activities based on the configured credit – SMS and email alerts, temporary disconnection and even permanent disconnection in selected cases
    • Re-instating of service upon restoration of the credit limit through payments
    • The option of defining special credit limits so as to ensure certain customer groups (e.g.: VIP Customers) don’t get into credit control actions
  • The Customer Care Module can also work hand-in-hand with Trouble Ticket Management and Field Force Automation modules

Customer Care

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