SURE! Metering and Billing

Cloud Computing businesses are highly dynamic that involve complex and multi-level transactions. Some applications have simplistic scenarios of a one-time sale, while others have usage based charges and others are recurring in nature.

This strategy and process poses risks of over-pricing a segment of customers and underpricing others. It is important to align physical usage with billing in order to prevent excessive usage. The SURE! Billing module is highly flexible to address various business models of service providers to achieve revenue acceleration, revenue assurance and improved operational efficiency.

The SURE! Billing module for Cloud handles Pricing, Metering, Rating, Charging, Taxation and Discount management.


  • Billing Cycles
  • Rating
  • Discounts and Commissions
  • Taxation

Charges and Billing Cycles

As a service provider, it is important for you to accurately apply charges and ensure that there is no revenue leakage. SURE! has multiple billing definition scenarios (recurring and non-recurring charges, usage charges, one time charges) to ensure that all relevant charges are considered while billing the customer. From a customer’s viewpoint, it is possible to opt for a convenient billing cycle and understand the bill presented easily, due to its easy-to-understand charge classification.
SURE! supports the following models:

  • Pre-paid, Advance and Post-paid billing models
  • Flat-rate and usage-based billing to support On-demand content, Cloud Infrastructure, SaaS and PaaS providers.


A flexible rating engine allows you to bundle services in a highly innovative way to increase the sales push by adding promotional schemes.
You can now differentiate your offerings by being able to rate and bill for a complex service mix. This feature is enabled by the metering and rating functionality in SURE! The rating engine enables the user / application / administrator to define different prices for Disk Storage Consumption, Bandwidth Consumption, CPU Hour Utilization among others. SURE!’s flexible and extensible rating engine allows service providers to gain from the smart mix of features
Rate Plans

Unit Rate Plan: Charges for each usage event (CDR) can be calculated with no relation to other CDRs, i.e., price per unit is constant.

Incremental Rate Plan: Price per unit varies depending on the total usage

Time Based Rate Plan: Day of the week, day of the year and time of the day are taken into consideration to define different rate plans (off peak, holidays, business hours etc.).

Discounts and Commissions

Global reach allows you to enter into new markets and create greater business opportunities with SURE! During this you may plan for competitive discounts and commissions, in order to retain a better long term relationship with service providers, customers or partners. SURE! helps in defining discounts and commissions to different customer types, partners or to an individual.


Service providers operating in multiple geographies need to handle complex tax structures to meet the local statutory requirements. The Taxation feature of SURE! enables you to define different taxes like VAT, Service tax, Entertainment tax, Tax on Tax, etc. based on various business requirements.

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