Packaging & Pricing Management

Your business continuity; whether you are a small, medium and large enterprise of cloud computing or on demand service provider, is achieved by restructuring pricing and distribution models to make sure you deploy a profitable offering to customers. SURE! helps in creating unique packages for your product or service, which is flexible while addressing ever changing needs of users.

Packaging involves combining various services / products with different price tags and delivers the plan in various themes. The Service / Product Packaging and Pricing feature in the system allows you to plan the offering in real-time which decreases the time-to-market.


  • Defining various types of services and products and associated price tags
  • Defining Service(s) based on geography, customer type, buying behavior, usage statistics and other important parameters
  • Adding a package / plan to a select group of customers
  • Assigning rate plans to a package / plan or individual service / products within a package
  • Assigning Package (group of services / products) or individual Services / Products (A-la-carte selection or Pay-as-you-go model) to customers based on the business model
  • Automating changing the customer package on a future date in a recurring model

Pricing Management

Pricing is a strategic and significant tool for the success of a business. In order to expand market presence and increase revenue, service providers often provide attractive Packages / Plans to customers with cost-effective pricing. The SURE! platform helps you create service bundles or packages for a variety of budgets with myriad contract models. SURE! has a pricing functionality that enables dynamic price definitions based on several business models.


  • Defining pricing for all service / products in a package
  • Pricing variation based on parameters, like type of customer, region / geography, contract period among others.
  • Viewing price details of a plan while registration or changing the plan
  • Overriding the existing price and define a new price for the same price plan
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