SURE! Partner Management

SURE! Partner Management at a Glance

SURE!, a Magnaquest product, offers a powerful Partner Management Solution for Cloud, Pay TV and Broadband players that keeps track of all transactions made with the third party service providers and enables the service providers to book agreements. It also manages network end points with other network / content providers.
Partner Management

As a service provider you deal with third party groups like content providers, content aggregators and other service providers for completion of service delivery as well as for sharing the networks. You should always focus on managing your entire value chain: partners, suppliers, resellers, content providers and others. To meet critical business goals, you have to be responsive to ever changing customer expectations, and must be equipped to introduce third parties quickly to offer new and more attractive services. In such a scenario real-time settlement of funds is a major factor. Once a content or service is delivered, the share of revenue associated with the service delivery should be shared with the associated partners in your service delivery life cycle. This is a vital aspect to ensure unimpeded service continuity. You would also have to generate statements on a periodic basis, factor in reconciliation and resolve dispute settlement.

SURE! helps in handling multiple partner settlements to multiple partners and this system automates managing volume settlements and handles them in real-time, to avoid time and cost spent on often complex, error-prone post settlement tasks. This feature maps the complex sales and distribution relationships and enables the monitoring of business performance at a granular level.


  • Partner Contract Management
  • Define Partner hierarchies
  • Define and couple locations for Partners – for the purpose of enforcing access control to customer information and other related functionalities
  • Maintain the confidentiality of business data by giving a hierarchy based data access to the Partner
  • Partner Billing and Revenue Settlement


  • Support for Partner Registration and Management
  • Support for multiple agreements with a single partner. This can include Pay-out and Pay-in agreements with the partner.
  • Agreeing for a rate plan with the partners for arriving at the correct rates based on usage.
  • Ability to define revenue share for each product or for a combination of products (Pack or Bundle) agreed with the partner. This can be a real-time (in case of prepaid) or period based (e.g.: Monthly) revenue sharing.
  • Rule based rating for processing usage information.
  • Ability to upload rate cards from partners as excel (in bulk).
  • Efficient high volume record processing.
  • Ability to raise invoice for partners based on the charges captured as part of agreement.
  • Seamless revenue settlement across all partners in the value chain during pricing (in real-time) or invoicing (in a periodic manner).
  • Drill-down reconciliation at summary and detailed levels
  • Ability to raise a dispute and further settlement as credit or debit notes.
  • Multi-language, multi-currency support
  • Assured data security with audit log facility

Process Flow

Partner Management

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