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Lack of a single point of view of all products, packages, and associated prices is a perennial pain point for the service providers. This shortfall results in configuring the same products across multiple systems, inability to effectively bundle the products across multiple lines of businesses which eventually results in a lack of customer centricity and satisfaction. Cross product bundling, discounting and pricing based on various other parameters is a great way of attracting existing and prospective customers, for revenue assurance and up-selling aspects

SURE!, a Magnaquest product, has a Product Catalogue feature that can effectively combine products from multiple lines of businesses under one umbrella thus giving a unified view for the service provided on the offers provided and the corresponding rates being offered.


  • Configuration of products to the last level and associating rates to the products.
  • Combining products to a bundle and associating a rate for the bundle.
  • Making the bundle applicable to the service associated with the customer.
  • Definition of the chargeable entity as time duration or bandwidth usage.
  • Definition of multiple modes of computation – flat rate, tiered rate (incremental pricing), recurring and non-recurring charges.
  • Time-based, day-based, special, and holiday-based exceptions in the rate plans.
  • Configuration of user threshold as part of the plan based on which provisioning requests are issued to the respective systems when the customer usage exceeds the limit.
  • BoD (Bandwidth On-Demand) configurations that allow the user to opt for increased bandwidth for a specific duration with additional cost.
  • Promotions for customers based on the customer, service, or transaction parameters.
  • Support for promotional plans that can give free time, bonus time, price overriding, free hardware, etc.
  • Support for additional discounts like time-based discounts, flat-amount based discounts, charge level discounts, plan level, and ad-hoc discounts.

Product Catalogue

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