SURE! Revenue Management

You can offer the right services, to the right subscribers, at the right price, and at the right time by quickly reacting to the new market trends. You can rapidly build customer loyalty with SURE!. The Revenue management module in SURE! for cloud helps in processes for generating, capturing, and collecting revenue from subscribers by supporting multiple services.

The collection module ensures automatic generation of bills and invoices, leading to collection of payments from customers from the respective channel partners through multiple payment options. Timely collection of payments will bring in the desired cash flow into your organization.

SURE! helps in ensuring revenue accountability and assurance by automatically updating account balances and due payments. The Revenue Management module comes with the following set of features:


  • Payment collections from customers in multiple currencies
  • Automatic Credit distribution towards debit instruments, like pending payments, late payment charges etc.
  • Various Payment modes such as Credit card, Direct Debit, Bank, ATM, Cash, Cheque etc.
  • Payment processing on a real-time basis through integration with interactive online payment gateways
  • Identification of customers who are due for renewals / payments and enables effective follow up for on-time collections
  • Collection follow-up stage configuration and map them to pre-defined actions such as sending reminder messages, hold or disconnect the subscription
  • Aging Analysis
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