SURE! Voucher Management

Pre-paid charging is a revenue-assured key model for subscription-based businesses. As a service provider you are launching various services bundled and delivered through end-to-end prepaid models. To avail pre-paid services, customers have to make payments in advance, either through an E-voucher or by topping up their accounts with cash.

You would then activate the customers’ accounts on receipt of the payment and maintain a record of the same for monitoring the service usage or validity period with PCRF to control usage.

SURE!, a Magnaquest product, has an end-to-end Voucher Management System that supports multiple types of vouchers – duration with service attached or pure value based voucher independent of the service. SURE! Voucher Management Solution takes care of generating and maintaining voucher details & tracking its life cycle.

The system interfaces with pre-paid charging platform (of SURE! or a third party) and CRM (of SURE! or a third party) to provide real-time updated information to handle both service controlling and customer enquiries.


  • Definition of various types of Prepaid Vouchers
    • Duration with service attached.
    • Pure value based card independent of a service.
  • Linking the voucher to a prepaid plan with the services and usage limits.
  • Generation of PIN for the Voucher with encrypted storage with an option to upload to excel for printing.
  • You have the option of changing the PIN Generation Algorithm.
  • Voucher tracking by Voucher Numbers.
  • Ability to upload voucher details received from external systems as ASCII files.
  • Ability to reconcile the feed received from external print house and the feed sent out for printing.
  • Handling Voucher Life cycle (issue, tracking, closure) with multiple statuses securely, including inventory and sale through dealers and retailers.
  • Reconciliation of vouchers printed against those that are distributed to the dealers and resellers.
  • Ability to create anonymous customers through upload of prepaid vouchers & hardware number and subsequent tracking based on voucher number or hardware serial number.
  • Voucher redemption from portal and subsequent plan activation.
  • PIN validation before customer balance top up.
  • Verification of voucher validity by CSR on behalf of customer.
  • Providing grace periods to customers once the balance is below pre-defined amounts.
  • Tracking the Prepaid Voucher inventory, sale and their movement – Life Cycle Management
  • Deactivating prepaid subscriptions for ISP, VoIP, PPV and VoD when the limit and grace period are exhausted
  • Disabling of Voucher or a batch of vouchers from the system, to check unauthorized usage
  • Facilitating Voucher sales and returns to operational entity. This is also possible through one time sale
  • Ability to provide discount on Voucher sales to operational entity.
  • Redemption of Vouchers and intimation of customer balance through SMS via SMS gateway interfacing

Voucher Generation Work Flow

Voucher Management

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