Sure’s analytics and reporting tool gives you a 360-degree view of your business with an ability to generate quality insights related to revenue, subscriber data, and other business metrics. They include the dashboards relevant to the customer profile, promotions, plan sales, service complaints, payment failures, performance, revenues, most promising regions to operate or extend businesses and so on. This platform even gives you the capability to design your own dashboards and customize insights as per business needs.


The pivotal point in business today is how one perceives the market, positions oneself, builds the big picture and provides a solution.Sure answers all these questions by providing support to all the industry-leading metrics such as churn, monthly recurring revenue (MRR), average revenue per user (ARPU), lifetime value (LTV) and trial conversion rate. This will help you to proactively analyze business trends and take better decisions for the consistent growth of your business.

Business Intelligence

Data and analytics are the core drivers that enhance the effectiveness of your decision-making.SURE business intelligence (BI) allows you to tap into databases and deliver easy-to-comprehend insight to employees, management, and business partners. Our BI platform unlocks the inherent value of business data and provides the tools that can generate instant business and feedback reports, real-time dashboards on churn prediction, customer-centric plans, campaigns and much more. These insights enable you to visualize and analyze data and focus on key performance indicators across the organization.

Productivity Boost

Find out how Sure increases the effectiveness of multiple
teams in your organization.