Why Sure Billing is the Surest
Subscription Billing Solution?

convergent billing magnaquest

Convergent Billing

  • End to end convergent charging and billing system
  • Prepaid, postpaid, and arrears billing models
  • Catering to both individual and business customers
  • Flexibility for current and future recurring billing needs
usage based billing

Usage-Based Billing

  • Consumption-based subscription billing of services
  • Configurable ability to define usage-based or fixed-fee products
  • Convenient billing calculations
product catalog management

Product Catalog Management

  • Cross product bundling and subscription management
  • Feasibility to create various promotional plans
  • Create promotions offering free time, bonus time, price overriding, etc.
work order management

Work Order Management

  • Dynamic work order management
  • Easy storage and tracking of any subscriber requests
  • Automated work order generation & Contract management
  • Technician monitoring & Hardware tracking system
payments and collection

Payments & Collections

  • Versatile payments and collections mechanism
  • Support for payments via different modes
  • Well-defined dunning process
inventory management

Inventory Management

  • Flexible inventory monitoring and management
  • Re-ordering facilitation
  • Demand-based stock management
revenue management

Revenue Management

  • Revenue accountability, Multi-Country-Currency support
  • Automatic Updation of balances and due payments
  • Revenue management module to capture and collect revenue
  • Automatic bill generation, credit distribution and age analysis
voucher management

Voucher Management

  • Dynamic support for multiple voucher types
  • Voucher life-cycle monitoring and management
  • Prepaid charging platform
  • CRM (of Sure or third party) for real-time information on customer inquiries

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