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Smart end-to-end convergent subscription billing platform covering comprehensive billing models

Convergent Billing

Sure is an end to end convergent charging and billing system, covering prepaid, postpaid, arrears billing models for both individual and business customers.The billing system allows customers to create one bill for multiple services and offerings, including the flexibility to support current and future billing requirements.

Subscription Billing software that supports modular usage-based billing

Usage-Based Billing

Sure’s usage-based billing feature will charge your customers a granular amount based on their consumption of your service during the billing cycle, instead of explicitly setting quantities. The system provides you a configurable ability to define usage-based or fixed fee products and does billing calculations accordingly.

Flexible Product Catalogue that creates multiple new services and products on the go while promoting efficient Subscription billing management

Product Catalog Management

Sure has a product catalog feature that can effectively create multiple products/solutions like cross product bundling, pricing based on several parameters, discounts and so on. It gives you the feasibility to create various promotional plans that offer free time, bonus time, price overriding.

Automation of workflows and effective real-time tracking for enhanced work order management

Work Order Management

Sure, has an end-to-end work order management solution that can store and track any request that originated from your subscriber. Some of the major functionalities include automatic work order generation based on defined criteria, maintaining contracts and contractual terms, assigning priorities for execution, tracking technician’s job works, tracking of hardware among others.

Resilient inventory management that performs active inventory monitoring enabling easy recurring billing and subscription management

Inventory Management

Inventory can act as a center of all your operations and revenue forecasts. It’s also important to track the inventory as it can be a cause for revenue leaks if not managed properly. Sure, has flexible inventory management features that enable tracking and management of the inventory within a single system. This module has a significance in facilitating re-ordering, managing stocks effectively according to demand.

Payments & Collections

Payment processing is an important phase of the billing process. Sure’s versatile payment and collection feature support payments via different modes. Our collection mechanisms also make sure that unpaid amounts are tracked via a well-defined dunning process. Thus, timely collection of payments will bring in the desired cash flow into your organization.

Automated revenue management rendering assurance and accountability for healthy subscription management

Revenue Management

Sure, helps in ensuring revenue accountability and assurance by automatically updating account balances and due payments. The revenue management module comes with features like generating, capturing, and collecting revenue from subscribers by supporting multiple services in multiple currencies. The collection module ensures automatic generation of bills and invoices, credit distribution and aging analysis as well. It also supports collection of recurring payments from the customers and partners through multiple payment modes like card, cash, cheque, ATM, etc.

Advanced Susbcription Billing Platform supporting value-centric and fully functional voucher management

Voucher Management

Sure, has a complete functional voucher management system that supports multiple types of vouchers – duration with service attached or pure value-based independent of the service. Voucher management solution takes care of generating and maintaining voucher details & tracking its life cycle.The system interfaces with pre-paid charging platform and CRM (of Sure or third party) to provide real-time updated information to handle both services controlling and customer inquiries.

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