Revenue Share

To meet ever-changing business requirements, the Sure settlements module empowers you to do quick real-time settlement of funds with your partners. It provides you the ability to define revenue share for each product or for a combination of products (pack or bundle). This can be real-time (in case of prepaid) or period based (monthly) revenue share.You also have the flexibility to generate statements on a multi-period basis, factor in reconciliation and resolve dispute settlements.

Field Force Automation

Sure field force automation enables you to exchange real-time information with your field service engineers or representatives. It empowers organizations with a complete customer relationship life cycle management at your customer’s doorstep. They can now have an easy-to-use mobile device that supports field force activities such as activation, deactivation, re-tracking, bill printing, trouble ticket tracking, collections and installations.

Contract Management

The contract management module in Sure empowers you to capture, retrieve and manage partner information comprising contract terms, agreements including multiple agreements with a single partner and customer information of the partners. The flexible solution can also be extended to capture and manage any kind of specific information on a need basis.

Productivity Boost

Find out how Sure increases the effectiveness of multiple
teams in your organization.