SURE! Provisioning

Almost everybody in the developed and developing parts of the world has a smartphone. Almost everybody with a smart phone is always connected to the Internet. The ‘always-on’ generation generates an opportunity for data ideas across different mediums and gadgets. Operators like you can monetize these opportunities with innovative ideas on content and data. If offering newer services is important, activating these new services on-demand is imperative.

The New Generation Operations Support System (NG-OSS) is the service of the future – that allows you to ideate, create and execute newer services for your customers. It also makes these services available to your subscribers once the user opts for a service. It then ensures the quality of the services always remains high.

The SURE! NG-OSS is a future-ready platform that keeps your subscribers engaged and enhances your ARPU significantly.

  • Provides for integration with third party EMS/NMS, and BSS applications – enabling the CSP to deploy and operate at ease.
  • EE Architecture based – Proven standard architecture based let the operator to integrate with any 3rd party system(s), and manage easily
  • Order Management System – Highly customizable and configurable OMS integrated with MQ-BSS out of the box and can be integrated with any 3rd party BSS
  • Product Catalogue – Any offering can be defined and is highly configurable
  • Report Builder – Integrates with external BI systems, provides pre-defined reports, also allows to define the reports by operator self
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