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Your call center is in many ways the hub that connects you to various aspects of your organization that engage with your customers. These points of engagement could be giving relevant information to your customers, resolve their issues and also engage them in dialogues that lead to beneficial relationships. Your call center enables your organization to focus on various parameters that help you gauge your performance and consequently improve efficiency. It also influences the quality of services you offer to your subscribers.

In the challenging scenario that the market is in right now, you would need a Call center that’s not just reactive to your subscribers’ needs but is intuitive and pro-active in reaching out to them.

SURE!, a Magnaquest Product has an end-to-end Contact Center solution that can support call center operations for you.

The major features supported by the Contact Center solution are:

  • Provision for call monitoring, outbound calls and remote agent call looping.
  • Asterisk* based solution which facilitates internal calls to be routed to CSR Agents and auto populate required customer information.
  • Includes CTI client and server component as part of the architecture
    • Server manages the Agent Vs Customer assignment rules
    • The CTI Client polls the information to auto-populate relevant information about a particular client to the user interface
  • Supports ACD, Blended (conference) and IVRS interfaces
    • Location agnostic routing for ACD– Routing of calls to agents based on the location from where the customer wants the repair to be performed.
    • In IVR, you can now move away from menu driven approach. You can configure rules to make the customer to talk directly to a service agent based on the customer profile and history.
    • When CTI queries the customer database, a match is struck with respect to the details provided and the relevant subscriber details are fetched. This data is then populated instantaneously on the UI along with the inbound call. Along with resulting in swift resolution of your subscribers’ problems, this feature also results in customer delight leading to upselling and cross selling opportunities for you ensuring the customer service call turns into a revenue-generating call.
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