SURE! CRM – Field Force Automation

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Your business is supported by a diverse set of people, separated by miles of geographic distance, working together to complete various tasks that make your subscribers’ experience a delighted one. Imagine a dynamic tool that synchronizes field force activities like Billing, Collections and Installations with a centrally located database. Your mobile workforce now has a powerful tool to work faster and smarter.

SURE! Field Force Automation enables you to exchange real-time information with your field service engineers / representatives. It empowers organizations with a complete customer relationship life cycle management at your customer’s doorstep! They can now have an easy-to-use mobile devices that supports field force activities like Activation, Deactivation, Re-tracking, Bill Printing, Trouble Ticket Tracking, Collections and Installations.

  • Improves Accuracy
  • Increases Field Force Productivity
  • Optimize Business Operations
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction Levels
  • Integrated with SMS Payment Gateways
  • Dynamic Scheduling
  • Faster Reporting
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