SURE! CRM – Lead Management

Follow-up is a critical component in any sales process, as well as an important element of on-going customer acquisition. It takes several follow-up calls and conversation with a suspect or prospect to convert them into a customer. Making outbound calls and following up with the prospects plays a key role in increasing the customer base by means of acquisition and retention.

SURE! automates effective follow-up, which improves customer satisfaction and trust, and ultimately leads to increased customer base and revenue. The system tracks each lead, assigns a prospect number and assists the sales representatives to see the history of events and track the progress of a prospective customer.

You can now rapidly convert suspects and prospects into customers.


  • Switch-over from Suspect / Prospect to Customer, when prospect shows interest in the service, thereby reducing the time-to-serve
  • Provide trial plans to prospective customers
  • Record of the information about all prospects or customers who make enquiries
  • Record of the transaction with a prospective customer to identify his or her interest in the offerings
  • Define Sales/ Follow-up team shifts and scheduling them in order to provide 24/7 service
  • Track and report the progress of a customer through various stages
  • Capture customer feedback which can be used for further analysis
  • Capture the reasons if the prospect discontinues, which can be used for further analysis
  • Capture customer preferred time of call, thereby helping the CSR or Account Manager to make calls at the appropriate time
  • Support user-defined prospect stages based on pre-defined rules to meet the specific business requirements of each service provider
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