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Businesses are increasingly investing in recurring transactions made by returning customers and this has given way to the CRM-dominated marketing disciplines in the last two decades. Traditional CRM models mostly employ one-way communication, do not engage with the customer beyond push communication and are sales-driven. However, today’s customers are more discerning and sensitive to the quality of the relationship a business builds with them. Therefore it is imperative that businesses engage with them in a meaningful way and build lasting relationships.

SURE!, a Magnaquest Product has a CRM Marketing module with customer engagement solutions that help you build rewarding relationships with your subscribers

Some of the major features of the SURE! CRM Marketing module:

  • Customer Data Management: integrates with multiple business systems such as content management systems, customer relationship management systems and data collection systems to collect all customer data and then assimilates the same in a customer centric manner for easy look-up and grouping
  • Segmentation: allows you to group customers at the minutest level using attributes based on sales, inventory, promotions, loyalty and CRM data, the customer profiles and their interaction history across campaigns
  • Email Campaigns: enables you to send personalized rich HTML email campaigns to different segments of customers
  • SMS Campaigns: enables you to engage customers using one-way and two-way types of SMS campaigns
  • Event Triggers: enables you to send or schedule emails and/ or SMS based on customer events such as clicks, opens, visits and purchases
  • Enterprise Features: allows for any kind of data to be imported with multiple identifiers for a record and duplication handling through complex rules on the identifiers
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