SURE! CRM – Subscriber Profile Management

Your subscribers, their needs and their packages are changing constantly. In this dynamic environment it is very important that you keep track of all their changes and constantly update your knowledge of their requirements. As your packages get more flexible, your subscribers get more experimental and your services are delivered differently each time, the volume of data that gets stored is significantly huge and complex. Your challenge lies in managing these huge centralized data repositories. Therefore it’s hardly surprising that most subscription businesses are focusing on data management issues to stay on top of their businesses.

SURE!, a Magnaquest Product has end-to-end features that support storage of centralized as well as distributed data or a combination of both. You can even have a 360o view of the entire demographic or user-defined categorization of your customers and subscribers.

The major features supported by the Subscriber Profile Management module are

  • Service Profile
    • Customer and subscription hierarchy
    • Associated Work-orders associated
    • Inventory Details
    • Product Catalogue as well as other services/products available
    • Invoice and Payment details
    • Complaints raised and their status
    • Balance available per service
    • Usage Meter
  • Transaction Profile
    • Online Payments/Recharge
    • Contact Management
    • Policy Configuration/Usage Threshold Configuration
    • Work Order Generation
  • Interfacing
    • Policy Management
    • Fulfillment
    • Mediation & Charging

Subscriber Profile Management

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