SURE! CRM – Trouble Ticket Management

As a service provider whose major focus is on providing high quality service and retaining subscribers, it’s imperative that all subscriber complaints registered via calls, IVRS, Webselfcare or from Shop Outlets are properly tracked, assigned, monitored, closed and communicated with the subscribers. Managing Trouble Tickets is, therefore, singularly the most important function, one that could very well decide and shape the quality of your relationship with your subscribers.

SURE!, a Magnaquest product offers powerful Trouble Ticketing function in combination with the Field Force Automation module to ensure the most effective problem recording and resolution mechanism that can track, monitor and close all requests that are raised through the system. The solution even provides a mobile app (Field Assistant) that’s available for field agents to access relevant information online and reach out to the subscribers’ premises in real-time.


  • Generating trouble service requests, whenever necessary, and creation of work/Service orders
  • Define rules for assigning service requests according to teams
  • Mapping service request category with problem codes and resolution codes to enhance service resolution quality and reduce lead-time.
  • Escalating the trouble service requests/ service orders logged by an operational entity without the intervention of back office ensuring that unresolved complaints are always addressed with alacrity.
  • Creating work orders automatically when certain issues like ‘installation’ or ‘disconnection’ are reported
  • Prioritization of tickets
  • Routing the tickets to the relevant personnel automatically
  • Configuration of escalation rules and delay rules (maximum time a personnel can hold the complaint without any action) after which the complaint gets escalated to the next level automatically
  • Leave Management Rules that automatically assign jobs to an available resource in case the original assignee is on leave.
  • Notification to customers on the status of the problem via SMS and email.
  • Ability to capture the resolution type, date of resolution and details on all service resolutions.
  • Capturing technician call reports to close a service request and send alerts to subscribers
  • Printing updated Call Reports.
  • Charges for the services rendered to resolve certain problems
  • A dashboard that displays the list of service requests, their status and relevant history which can also be viewed status-wise

Trouble Ticket Management

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