SURE! CRM – Work Flow Management System

Work Flow Management and optimizing the overall field resource for a service provider is a critical aspect. Tracking the work, routing jobs to the staff, escalations in case of incomplete jobs are all very important steps as part of work flow management.

SURE!, a Magnaquest product, has an end-to-end Work flow Management solution which can perform work allocation, escalations, leave management, reporting and intimations in a very effective way.


  • Definition of tasks and activities in a workflow using GUIs.
  • Rule-based workflow routing (manual or automatic tasks) and escalation.
  • Conditions based on which the activities get executed.
  • Notification via email and SMS for each task is configurable
  • Resource allocation & scheduling, task monitoring and status reporting
  • Mobile app, to aid field staff during customer visits and enabled having up to date information about customer and do certain selected transactions from the customer place.
  • Access business functions and data via SURE! web services

SURE! CRM – Work Flow Management System

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