Re-inventing Subscription Services

It’s no secret that the ongoing growth of digitization and the explosion of data have drastically altered what it needs to succeed in retail. Over the last five years, the subscription e-commerce industry has increased by more than 100% every year. According to McKinsey’s study, 15% of online consumers have chosen one or perhaps more subscriptions for their needs. These are particularly recurrent, most commonly in the form of monthly subscription boxes.


Five Imperatives for a Successful Subscription Business

According to UBS research, between 2020 and 2025, the subscription business model industry might expand from $650 billion to $1.5 trillion. Hence, being ready to emerge as the market’s most powerful player is essential.

  • Adopt the Subscription Way of Living

Subscriptions are becoming more popular as a method of purchasing goods and services on the internet. While streaming-media subscription services have been trending for some time, in a poll conducted by McKinsey, 46% of consumers subscribed to video streaming services like Netflix. The findings show that 15% of online consumers have subscribed to an e-commerce service in the last 12 months.

  • Choose Excellent Experience Over Excellent Subscriptions

Consumers don’t put subscriptions at the top of their priority list. If businesses do not consider the tastes of their customers, the requirement to register for a subscription-based billing service may be reduced. 

Consumers want a wonderful end-to-end experience. They will only subscribe if automated shopping provides them clear benefits, such as cheaper prices or more personalisation.  According to 62% of survey participants, high perceived quality and balance of services and price is the best attraction for new customers.

  • Make Hyper-customization a Reality

Customer pleasure is the aim of the game, and after two years of fast digital change, customer expectations have shifted substantially. For existing customers, good pricing remains the most important retention factor, but experience features such as constant high quality, a diverse range of services, and the uniqueness of services encourage them to engage. High quality is, in fact, the second-highest reason subscription customers stay.

  • Make the Most of the Supply Chain

The prime selling point of a subscription billing service is its dependability. You must be able to rely on the supplier to keep their part of the deal, whether you’re getting constant access to a content catalogue or a monthly shipment of necessary commodities. Current supply chain issues, on the other hand, have added a new level of unpredictability for subscription providers.

Online subscription firms like SaaS or cloud services that can seamlessly roll out the latest products or experiences, have far less of a hurdle from supply chain interruptions. Companies should provide openness on product offerings and delivery, as well as regular updates, during moments of supply chain volatility.

  • Band Together to Withstand the Consolidation Crunch

Market researchers have noted a simultaneous increase in “subscription weariness” with the phenomenal expansion of subscription services. Consumers may opt to pare down the subscriptions and eliminate those that aren’t providing enough value when they examine their monthly budget. Many corporations are combining with other subscription providers in anticipation of this. It offers the advantage to grow their client base by purchasing smaller competitors in order to scale or maintain market dominance.

Smaller subscription firms must have been on the hunt for acceptable partners in a frenetic M&A market to avoid being entirely pushed out of the picture. Consolidation will provide the corporations more leverage over their subscription offers, as well as new potential to upsell or cross-sell additional services to their increased customer bases.


The e-commerce subscription sector is rapidly expanding. Subscription items or boxes provide consumers with a convenient, customised, and often less expensive option to get what they need most. To minimise high churn rates and increase both growth and profitability, companies in the industry must provide excellent experiences.