[mukam_service style=”services-1″ icon=”ecoico-article” header=”Digital Evolution India Style” link=”/resources/articles/digital-evolution-india-style/” animation=”no_animation”]The Indian Internet story is nothing less to a fairy tale for the Indian communications market. It is a perfect story of demand creation and supply evolution. As technologies evolve, there is a shift of focus from existing technologies to new ones, to address the ever growing demands of the customers. Competition is forcing telecommunication companies to provide quality service at lower prices. Addressing their requirements will be a new challenge.[/mukam_service]
[mukam_service style=”services-1″ icon=”ecoico-article” header=”Redefining Customer Experience with Automation in Processes” link=”/resources/articles/redefining-customer-experience-with-automation-in-processes/” animation=”no_animation”]Utility companies across the globe are facing regulatory, competitive, investment, supply, environmental and price pressures. In order to cope with this, they have to continually improve decision making, customer focus and enterprise performance.