SURE! AAA Implementation in MVNO Industry

The Client

A global leader in providing the Communication services, Voice and Data in pre-paid mode, for the travel and hospitality industries using MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) operations. Client is headquartered USA and has been offering technology services and solutions to the travel industry across 5 continents for over 15 years.

Business Need

The client is in need of the solution to control the AAA/PCRF functionality from a central place while interoperating with heterogeneous networks belonging to different MNO (Mobile Network Operator), from different regions.


The client was depending on the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) infrastructure and their management solutions. As the client's network is growing with different MNO's the complexity is increasing. This resulted in

  • Accounting and settlement issues with the Partner Network i.e., MNO
  • Subscribers are spread across various regions and MNO networks. Managing the vivid policies has become tedious and frequent manual intervention
  • Subscribers were unable to get the required QoS on-demand, as it involves manual intervention
  • An individual policy management and authentication system for every MNO, resulting in complex eco-system and integrations
  • Frequent disruption in the services and operations due to multiple integrations are in place in the eco-system

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