Mexico based MMDS, Ultravision replaced existing legacy system with centralized solution from SURE!

Ultravision (the Company) faced challenges with regard to multiple service provisioning, to speed-up service activations, to convert subscribers from analog services to digital, to streamline collection management, support growing subscriber base and to acquire new subscribers among other challenges. The case study focuses on the deployment of SURE! (a Magnaquest Product), an end to end subscriber lifecycle management solution and the business impact the solution created for the Company.

Ultravision Business model

Ultravision is a MMDS wireless cable television operator founded in 1990. Initially started operations in Puebla and Veracruz and later expanded its operations to other parts of Mexico. While Ultravision expanded its operations in different parts of Mexico, it became difficult to handle the operations using a decentralized distributed system. Moreover, the existing system is not scalable or web-based, and required huge amount of efforts to maintain. In addition, support from existing vendor was a concern.

Hence, Ultravision wanted to replace its existing system using a centralized, web-based solution which can handle multiple provisioning, flexible package & pricing, Inventory, billing, customer-care, collections, self-care. After detailed study, they could identify that Magnaquest will suit to the requirements of their growing needs, complex billing and multiple provisioning system.

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