Empowering a Mission to Provide Connectivity to Lifeline Beneficiaries Across America's Heartland

SURE deployed a virtual telephony infrastructure for a leading Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) from America, enabling integration with three Provisioning System Gateways, empowered with a rigorous Workflow Automation System and a linkage with Logistics.

Today, powered by the backbone built by us, the MVNO services those people who otherwise would not have cellular service across America's heartlands.

The MVNO service provider is a rapidly growing Mobile Virtual Network Operator based out of Texas, which supports the Government of United States of America's Lifeline Assistance program to reach supported telephony for the low-income segments. It is a re-seller of Telecom services of major Telecom players like Sprint and Verizon across the American heartland.

In a major growth drive, the MVNO wanted to manage its multiple-state operations from its headquarters in Texas, give re-chargevouchers to people with attractive packages, support and ship mobile phones to Lifeline eligible customers,SURE was chosen by the MVNO to deploy its products to achieve four key goals:

  • Integrating the core systems to Provisioning System Gateway of key mobile backups like Liberty, Sprint and Verizon.
  • Deploying a CDR Rating System to track and measure the calling history for customers, and providing itemized call usage records
  • Integrating with FEDEX Logistics Engine for automatic processing of shipping
  • Workflow Automation and Management

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