How Subscription Revolution Transformed Healthcare

Zoetis, the animal health division of Pfizer, has shaped and started offering its Animal Health
services on the subscription model enabled by SURE! The case study focuses on the deployment
the end to end Subscriber Management system on multiple SaaS applications.

Embracing New Approaches – A Case Study

Innovation in medicine has been and continues to be the cornerstone of any successful pharmaceutical company. Our client, Pfizer's innovation strives for business innovations to make healthcare solutions more affordable and accessible around the world. Pfizer believes that opportunities presented by mobile and internet connectivity, care convergence, behavior modification, and analytics hold exciting promise for healthcare.

Pfizer's mission is to collaborate with leaders of innovation who deliver solutions in the following
areas of interest:

  • Real world data and analytics
  • Analytics-enabled services
  • Personal and point of care diagnostics
  • Healthcare decision-support tools
  • Open innovation platforms
  • Zoetis Services

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