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An Experience of Certainty
Revenue Management & Customer Retention in Subscription Management
Principle of Subscription Management Business Model – “Transforming Onetime Revenue to Recurring Revenue”. This lured many corporate and even industries to shape, offer and buy their services on subscription basis by the customer. Read more
Identification and successful mitigation of challenges in Partner Management: An IaaS Scenario
In the context of IaaS or data center (Cloud computing), Partners play an important role of business process. Be it as a technology partner who is enabling the service provider by providing technology support or a sales partner who sells the products to the end customers.
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Evaluating a Subscriber Management Billing Vendor for Cloud Businesses
Are you clear about your evaluation criteria for choosing a Billing and Subscriber Management system for your Datacenter?SURE! presents five pivotal points that will help you ‘zero in’ on the right fit for your subscription business to provide enhanced customer experience to stay ahead of the game. Read More
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Conversation between Doug Green of Telecom Reseller and Ramakrishna Mashetty, CMO, Magnaquest Technologies
– Doug Green (DG): This is Doug Green and I am the publisher of Telecom Reseller and we are at the Cloud Communication Alliance conference 2014 in Miami Beach and I am with RK Mashetty (RK) who is the CMO of Magnaquest. RK thank you for joining me. Read More
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