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How to Choose the Right SMS, Billing & CRM System

The global television industry is going through a major transformation. Analog Switch-off and OTT (Over-The-Top) streaming provides an immense opportunity on the one hand and a challenge on the other. Pay TV operators should address the changing consumer preferences and regulatory demands – varied content, better quality, improved service quality etc., and most importantly provide TV Everywhere Experience; all at an economical price point.

Especially, Cable TV operators have an exciting time ahead. They have to invest and put in place the required infrastructure for Digitalization, get the content, compete with existing operators, abide by regulations imposed by the regulatory body etc; within short deadlines. In this entire process of Digitization, The Subscriber Management System (SMS), Billing & CRM solution is one of the most important components as:

  • It is often called the ‘Brain’ of the entire operations
  • It facilitates additional streams of revenue
  • It drives customer experience
  • In some countries, it is mandated by regulatory bodies

Further, a good SMS, Billing & CRM system will provide the following benefits to operators:

  • Reduce churn
  • Increase ARPU by supporting multiple services offering / launch
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Curb revenue leakages
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Enable quick launch of new services

As the customer viewing preferences are changing and the demand for higher quality video is increasing, the operators are planning to have Multi-platform distribution like DTH, Digital Cable, IPTV, Mobile TV and New Media. In this scenario, the operators need to have a centralized SMS, Billing & CRM system to manage their hybrid networks.

Considering the above, the following are some key parameters an operator needs to consider for choosing the Right SMS, Billing & CRM System:

    Ready to Use     Robust Architecture     Future Proof
  • Short Implementation time
  • Open integration framework
  • Accommodate region specific features
  • Enable you to adhere to guidelines of regulatory body
  • Scalable, Reliable and Extensible
  • Modular and Flexible Architecture
  • Integrate seamlessly with CA systems to automate provisioning and mediation of services
  • Support the growth plans and growing subscriber base
  • Support additional revenue streams
  • Flexible to dynamically changing business needs
    User Friendly     Focused Roadmap     Right SMS, Billing CRM Partner
  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive GUI
  • User Friendly
  • Web Enabled
  • 3600 view of subscriber
  • Market driven Roadmap
  • Commitment to the domain
  • Bring in Industry’s best business practices
  • Support business model changes
  • Globally proven solution
  • Experience of working with similar business models
  • Good Software development process in place
  • Partnership approach
  • Local Support
Globally Proven SMS, Billing & CRM for Pay TV & Multi Play Operators


Pay TV players have to shift their focus from the reactive mode to a proactive mode by paying more attention to emerging business models as well as the trends that will challenge the current subscription based and pay per view business models. Tomorrow’s service providers are moving towards embracing technologies that make the viewing experience seamless – which means – intelligence will be built to track the customers’ presence and deliver content to a specific screen in a customer’s premises. Soon, the size of the screen is not going to matter, rather the availability of the content is is going to be important. Also, tomorrow’s world is going to be a place where consumers will have control over the content. They will decide the content to be watched and pay immediately for viewing the same. Again, most of the content selection will be social media driven and interactive, which gives a personal touch to consumers watching the content. In addition to the technology, which is required to support such kind of models, back end solutions are also required so as to enable service providers to make such wishes become a reality.


SURE! CRM and Billing System has been a forerunner in providing solutions for Pay TV customers for 15+ years. With the knowledge gathered over long years of experience and understanding the industry; the product keeps on evolving and comes out with advanced features, which serves beyond normal requirements for service providers and also brings in innovation to reduce customer churn. While Billing and CRM are the strong aspects of the product, recently more features were added so as to bring in a strong value proposition to users. Campaign and Lead Management were added to the new version to make sure that new offers launched by the service providers are reaching the prospects by email or SMS or any campaigns, which can be configured in the system. In addition, the contact center module has been introduced to have the calls handled properly. Mobile enabled field management and homes passed features have also been added to bring in value addition to the service provider.

The Prepaid module has been revamped to support multiple payment models enabling the service providers to opt for multiple launch optionsfor the benefit of end customers rather than restricting themselves to the product functionality. With the Product Catalogue that can support all customer and transaction related variations, the prepaid module can bring a significant edge to the service providers while launching their services. The Prepaid module combined with the Postpaid features of the solution can bring real convergence for a service provider.

Analytics and BI have been enhanced in the new version of the Product. This feature allows service providers to tap into databases and deliver easy-to-comprehend insight to employees, management, and business partners. The SURE! BI platform unlocks the inherent value of business data and provides the tools for effective business decision-making, giving a great return on your BI investment.

SURE! is also multi room as well as multi equipment agnostic, which gives significant strength for service providers in order to launch advanced features for end customers. The in-built responsive web self-care module makes the picture complete, where the service provider makes sure that the customer experience is ensured to its maximum.

SURE! with the help of next generation features is sure to give a significant value add to customers to place themselves in the next orbit in the path of moving towards innovation and service delivery.

Business Benefits

  • Superior Customer Experience by allowing customers to manage his/her operations and on-time communication
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership by having commodity boxes based installation, fast and simple deployment and effective maintenance of operations
  • Faster Time to Market using easy to use Product Catalog accessible to customers and product managers
  • Increased Operational Efficiency by having mobile based field force App to optimize activities
  • Future Ready Solution – Provides Flexibility and Modularity for Future Adaptations Rather than Requiring Replacements Every Few Years
  • Reduction in Revenue Leakages by having suspense management and real-time processing solutions
  • Maximization of ARPU by offering personalized plans and improved customer services using tools available in the SURE! suite.
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