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Monetization of OTT Video Services: Shift from Standard Usage Based to personalized value based offerings

With the advent of latest content streaming technologies and concepts like TV Everywhere and with the number of connected devices soaring worldwide, Pay TV operators find themselves in a powerful position in the market to capitalize on new revenue streams.

The emergence of OTT services and the proliferation of providers that offer content and services have caused both opportunities and challenges. Two major players in the Pay TV OTT ecosystem are Content Owners and the Pay TV Operators. Currently, operators are facing challenges to monetize OTT services in order to become profitable while investing on a suitable network to make it OTT ready. On the other hand, it has become imperative for Pay TV operators to provide OTT services to complement their existing TV services to preserve the attractiveness of the product, to address the multiscreen demand of consumers, to be device agnostic and reach beyond the constraints of their own network platforms. Operators need to find innovative ways to monetize OTT services rather than raising subscription fees or product fees.

Operators have to be more pro-active and responsive in order to prevent the risk of only becoming a connectivity provider instead of being a personalized customer experience provider. In order to achieve the same, operators have a unique asset that the others in the value chain do not have: customer knowledge. Because providers see all the activities of a given customer, providers could leverage that asset to offer more targeted services and promotions to their own customers and new customers outside their network. At the essence of monetization is the shift from standard usage based plans to personalized value based plans that encourage OTT usage. This includes service-centric pricing that accounts for who, what, when, where, and how subscribers are using their OTT video subscriptions in the operator’s network. Value-based service plan pricing enables a subscriber’s usage patterns to be priced based on the device(s) they are using, usage location, time of day, video-specific usage volumes, and video application prioritization. For example, offering an OTT video add-on service for a small additional fee.

For Pay TV operators to provide personalized value based offerings and then perform pricing based on their usage, the Billing & CRM system should have a strong Analytics & Business Intelligence platform which provides insights into customer usage patterns to optimize pricing plans, next generation Product Catalogue which is capable of creating personalized product plans, charging and billing which can price based on the usage and customer behavior, and effective Campaign Management to carry out targeted promotions as a continuous activity. An effective partner management function is also critical in the content delivery context so as to settle the revenue to be shared with the content providers / aggregators.

Most agile Billing & CRM for OTT service providers

SURE!, a Magnaquest product is a converged BSS solution covering all the major functions required for supporting business functions demanded by the OTT point of view. From the point of prospect tracking, onboarding a customer, setting up policies, configuring products and plans, charging and billing followed by payments. The product seamlessly integrates all functions. It ensures that revenue leakage is also prevented by adhering to proper standards and policies.

1 Centralized Product Library – Effective and Easier Product Management
The SURE! Product Catalogue can be used to store products and services across business lines and rates can be associated with the same. All the business rules can be configured in the same catalogue and prices can be defined. Bundles or bouquets can be defined which can be offered quickly to customers. All the operations can be performed from a single intuitive UI and hence the time to market is less.

2 End to End Customer Relationship – 360° Relationship Coverage
The SURE! Customer Relationship Management module makes sure that the end-to-end activities of a customer are captured and all recent activity information is presented in a single screen to provide 360° view of the customer and his / her activities. The SURE! CRM is a strong tool to address customer queries and hence results in guaranteed customer delight.

3 Charging and Billing
The SURE! Charging and Billing module enables that the usage events are captured in real-time and charging and billing is performed based on varied business rules configured in real-time. Next Generation Network compatible charging and billing ensures faster and easier revenue realization.

4 Partner Management for Settling Revenues with Content Providers / Aggregators
The SURE! Partner Management module enables service providers to settle revenues with the partners (content providers / content aggregators) in a near-real time. Definition of shares in product level and invoice level makes sure that partners are given due importance which in-turn helps in relationship building.

5 Effective Sales Using Campaign Management
The SURE! Campaign Management module enables service providers to categorize customers, design specific campaigns and run the campaigns so that effective upselling / cross selling of products can be performed which in-turn helps in reducing churn.

6 Mobile Solution for Complaint Tracking and Resolution
The SURE! Field Force Assistant is mobile enabled which helps field force agents (FFA) to track the customers in the location where the FFA is present and attend to their problems in a faster way. This module helps in lesser turn-around time and effort optimization.

Business Benefits

  • Customer Oriented – Enhances Customer Experience by allowing customers to manage his / her operations and on-time communication
  • Simple and Effective Deployments – Facilitates Lower Total Cost of Ownership by having commodity boxes based installation, fast and simple deployment and effective maintenance of operations
  • Quick Launch Of Products – Enables faster Time to Market using easy to use Product Catalogue available to customers and product managers
  • Enhanced Operations – Increases Operational Efficiency by having mobile based Field Force App to optimize operational activities
  • Future Ready Solution – Provides flexibility and modularity for future adaptations rather than requiring replacements every few years
  • Revenue Leakage Plugged – Reduces Revenue Leakages by deploying suspense management and real-time processing solutions
  • Improved Profits – Maximizes ARPU by offering personalized plans and improved customer services using the tools available in the SURE! suite
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