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Building Customer Persona – My Sticky Note Recipe

My 6 year old came to me today and asked me that he would like to have a PS2 for his birthday that is due in a month. I said none of my friends’ kids’ had it till they turned 9. He said, “Dad, But I would like to have it now and I feel I am different from them and smarter than them. Please do not compare me with them.” I was surprised that he could not only think through such a lengthy logic but also articulate it. I […]


Why I emphasize more on EQ?

Whenever I try to recruit people for my team or for that matter help anyone to hire someone for their team I lay a lot of emphasis on Emotional Intelligence. Over many years of working with different organizations and amongst different cultural backgrounds, one common thing that I have absorbed is people who have the ability to absorb emotional cues and use it wisely to guide their behavior are a valuable asset to the organization. Imagine someone who empathizes with the reader writing content for them. They not only perceive […]


Product Focus Vs Customer Focus

I Changed my Job It all started when I took over the reigns as CMO for Magnaquest. It has been a roller coaster ride so far and even after these 2 years here I still have the same adrenaline rush I had on my first day of work, every morning I come to the office. Over these years my job description changed. The teams that I work with changed. The people I need to influence and lead also changed. All this changed for good as I could see visible results. […]