Why I emphasize more on EQ?

Whenever I try to recruit people for my team or for that matter help anyone to hire someone for their team I lay a lot of emphasis on Emotional Intelligence. Over many years of working with different organizations and amongst different cultural backgrounds, one common thing that I have absorbed is people who have the ability to absorb emotional cues and use it wisely to guide their behavior are a valuable asset to the organization.

eqImagine someone who empathizes with the reader writing content for them. They not only perceive how readers would perceive their content but try to appeal to them by sounding genuine, real and relevant. It applies to anything and not writing alone. While hiring for your team, you should probably also look at the EQ of the person along with Subject Matter Expertise and Qualification. There can be many reasons why Management likes to have people with high Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) but here are my top 5 reasons.

An emotionally intelligent person has more empathy

Emotionally intelligent people have empathy, and it’s a skill you should look for when hiring. Personally, I think of this as the basis for high emotional intelligence – you need to perceive things from other people’s point of view or even better if you can learn and extrapolate from your personal experiences.  People, who can empathize with others well, can predict their stated and unstated needs/demands well in advance and respond in a way that is amicable and pragmatic. This is how they make their message stick while dealing with customers, teammates or managers.

Inquisitiveness comes to them naturally

Another sign of people with high emotional intelligence is that they are curious. This is an asset, as people who are curious are more or less empathetic and connect with others well. This makes working with them easy and lovable. They usually come across as supportive, trustworthy and someone who understands – sometimes it just takes empathy and a patient listening to solve complex problems.

The best part: They are Self-aware

One of the hallmarks of high emotional intelligence is not just the ability to recognize signals and emotions in others — it’s the ability to read ourselves with similar (or hopefully, greater) levels of depth and accuracy. A Self-aware person not only knows his/her emotions, strengths, weaknesses, drives, values and goals but also recognizes their impact on others.  A Self-aware team not only recognizes others’ strengths and weakness but also understands how they can complement each other. Giving and receiving constructive feedback comes to them naturally and in turns builds a trusting working relationship amongst themselves thus making it a super productive team

Self- motivated and Self-regulated: Objective Driven

An emotionally intelligent person knows how to control or redirect his/her disruptive emotions and impulses and also adapts to changing circumstances. Above all, he/she is self-motivated which makes their need for ratification from external agents less. This makes them more goal oriented and they usually figure out a solution by themselves without blaming the ecosystem or situations. In short, they are delight to work with and can be trusted with larger responsibilities as they have a longer vision and are broad sighted.

Nice to work with

Emotionally intelligent people are often well-liked. As they are empathetic to others, they tend to strike the right chord with anyone. They come across as approachable, garner respect of their subordinates, peers and managers. Everyone wants to work with a friendly person and enjoy teaming up with them to attain a common goal.

Some of the reads that I enjoyed on emotional Intelligence are

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