Magnaquest’s SURE provided a CNE with a centralized subscription management system with well-connected modules and a single database to manage bulky operations via easy automation.

Company: Cable Network Egypt

Country: Egypt


CNE is the first Pay-TV company in the Arab world. It has a wide range of broadcasting services with great experience and knowledge of encryption technologies as well as subscriber management systems.


CNE required an efficient subscription management platform to manage their large operations. Previously, their operations were distributed among a legacy subscriber management platform and various other in- house systems which led to high total cost of ownership (TCO) and delayed time to market.


Magnaquest’s SURE, provided a centralized system with well-connected modules and single database to manage all operations through automation.


SURE platform provided a considerable reduction in TCO while ensuring business efficiencies through process automation.

We are happy to have made our decision to implement Magnaquest’s SURE platform. Their product is both flexible and scalable. Support from Magnaquest team during implementation and support stage has been satisfactory.

– Mohamed Mohamed Kassem

Managing Director, CNE

Customer Story

CNE is an Egyptian shareholding company established in 1991 by the Egyptian Radio & Television Union (ERTU) in co-operation with private sector shareholders. It is the licensed holder for the encryption & distribution of most Pay-Tv operators in the region including Orbit Showtime Network (OSN), Arab Radio and Television (ART), and beIN Network.

CNE required a centralized system to manage its overall operations that were handled by multiple in-house systems. They required a platform that can extensively define criteria for promotions, offers applicability including bundled offerings, applicable customer types, regions, etc.

Magnaquest’s SURE platform provided a centralized system to manage all operations of CNE through well- organized modules on a single database instance for complete integrity of data and improved usability and performance.

SURE platform supported the CNE’s business requirements by automating the flow of operations using workflow configurator and navigation flows. It enabled CNE to incorporate digital payment receipt replacing manual receipts that were being used earlier. SURE now manages complete flow of order management, dunning and payment collection.

SURE, could efficiently handle CNE’s another major hurdle of managing inventory and tracking the boxes in the hierarchy through system’s approval framework. In this framework, stock movements to different warehouse, inventory locations are allowed only on an approval basis.

CNE utilized SURE’s tailor-made solution for its extensive product catalog requirement and to develop customized reports as per dynamic business needs in a short timeframe.

Magnaquest’s SURE system framework provided an ideal solution for CNE by reducing the total cost of ownership and ensured a 50% increase in operational efficiency by automating process flows and reduced time to market.

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