panel discussion on best ott practices
panel discussion on best ott practices

Understanding the industry’s best practices for up-speed growth in customer acquisition and retention becomes central to staying relevant in the OTT space. Bearing this in mind, Magnaquest is hosting an insight-rich OTT panel discussion by bringing to the table, our long-term partner Uniqcast, along with one of our well-flourishing customers, TV Anywhere. We are hereby hosting two events as part of the summit, whose details are summarized as below.

Event 1:

OTT Best Practices: Strategies that drive
Subscriber Acquisition and Retention

  • Challenges in Boosting OTT Subscriptions
  • Strategizing Customer Acquisition and Retention
  • Smartly Handling Subscription Fatigue

Our Speakers

ajay jain magnaquest

Business Host – Ajay Jain
Director, Business Development
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sashi guha webinar sept 2021

Speaker – Sashi Guha
Vice President, Sales, Magnaquest
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ravi chawla profile

Speaker – Ravi Chawla
Product Manager, Magnaquest
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Event 2:

Conversations: Journey into
the OTT Future

  • How did Uniqcast and Magnaquest contribute to TVA’s growth
  • Latest OTT Trends and Viewer Preferences
  • TVA’s Greenfield Journey towards OTT

Our Speakers

Darko Robič profile

Speaker – Darko Robic
CEO, Uniqcast
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Obafemi Banigbe profile

Speaker – Obafemi Banigbe
CEO, TV Anywhere
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Mohammed Mujammil Khan profile

Speaker – Mujammil Khan
Associate Vice President, Sales
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john wycliffe magnaquest

Moderator – John Wycliffe
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