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Strategies for Growing Subscription
Revenue in Digital Publishing

The world is moving towards a subscription economy, which is evident in every segment, including Publishing, and as a publisher, you can’t stay away from this shift. 

All these years, most publishers did not have information about their readers, be it print or digital. In the new digital world, the publishers need to understand their readers, who they are, the content they are interested in, the time they are spending, and how frequently they are visiting your digital platform.

As a publisher, it is extremely important to establish relationships with your readers and engage with them at every stage during their journey. Having understood your readers, you need to apply multiple paywall strategies to convert them into registered subscribers and slowly move them to paid subscribers.

We’ll list out the strategies that help improve the digital publishing subscription revenue growth on 2nd September 2021, at 4 PM IST in our webinar designed for the Publishing market. We’ll be joined by Sashi Guha, VP Sales, to share insights on how to:

  • Introduce New Titles to Diversify Revenue
  • Grow Subscriber Base with Corporate Memberships
  • Prevent Revenue Leakage with Personalized Payment Retry
  • Plan Strategies for Print and Digital Media

You can also ask questions and receive answers from the SME.

Our Speakers

sashi guha webinar sept 2021

Speaker – Sashi Guha
Vice President, Sales, Magnaquest
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anushree katgeri magnaquest webinar sept 2021

Business Host – Anushree Katgeri
Manager, Inside Sales, Magnaquest
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