9 Reasons Why You Should NOT Build Your Own Billing and CRM System

Are you planning to build your own Billing and CRM system?

Subscription businesses , be it start-ups, firms in the growth stage / expansion mode or firms who feel that they have to reduce their Total Cost of Ownership are finding it more viable to use existing Billing Systems rather than building their own solutions for a multitude of reasons.

In fact, success with a subscription based business model involves much more than just switching from one-time to subscription based billing. Whether your company is already using or switching to a subscription-based model, the white paper below will help you understand why you should not build your own Billing and CRM system.

After reading the white paper, you’ll be able to Understand:

  • Why You Should Not Build Your own Billing and CRM System
  • How to Save on Capex and Opex and Increase ROI
  • How to Decrease the Total Cost of Maintenance

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