Deployments Overview

Established application providers are rapidly moving towards offering their existing on-premises solution as Software as a Service (SaaS) to maximize revenue through accelerated sales cycles, improved closing rates and to lower costs through more cost-effective customer acquisition. Coincidently, the economic climate has also accelerated the requirement of software as a service (SaaS) as right-sized, ZERO-Capex alternatives to on-premises applications. Customers are also opting for easy-to-use subscription services, which require investment for current usage of service and not future capacity.Considering the market dynamics, SaaS, now is moving from a stand-alone hosted offering to an on-line solution integrated with existing on-premises or other SaaS solutions. These deployments have become part and parcel of the enterprise environment.

SaaS companies tend to concentrate more on market coverage and customer acquisition activities to increase their revenues. One such activity is follow-up with customers for Contract Renewals, wherein Contract Renewal process is one of the major cash flow options that pumps-in continuous revenue to your subscription business.

The success secret in SaaS business is – a customer is always a prospect. As such, activities like Managing Contracts, Billing and revenue generation have now become more important and complicated for a service provider. Developing and maintaining a billing, revenue and customer management solutions may not be part of their core business objectives, which needs a dedicated internal IT resource to continuously manage and enhance the system, which can rather be used for strengthening their core SaaS offering.

Having more than 15 years of experience in providing an integrated solution in Billing and Contract Management, SURE! offers its highly successful end to end Subscriber Management system. This solution is available on both “Software as a Service” (SaaS) and on-premises.

SURE! meets the needs of complex and rapidly changing software business models in a superior way to that of other enterprise financials, ERP, and CRM solutions. Improved Contract Management, New Pricing or Bundling of Services, Invoicing Process, Dynamic Billing, Prospect Tracking, Quotation, Customer Care & Query Handling and Integrating with multiple third party systems are made easy through the platform. SURE! manages customer renewal and retention process and enables SaaS providers to concentrate on their core activity, i.e., sales and marketing of SaaS offering to achieve their business objectives.

The SURE! Hosted Dedicated model is designed for Medium Sized Cloud Businesses. The model enables you to scale up further in terms of your operations and back office automation. In this offering, you can opt for process customization and flexible integration of services. A separate instance is maintained, the data base is also separate and it offers more security.

Benefits of the model:

  • Speed to Market: New products and services can quickly be introduced easily. Each service considered may be immediately launched and sold giving you the needed competitive advantage
  • Lower Initial Costs: Reduced infrastructure costs and capital expenses as there is no need for any servers or additional hardware apart from regular simple computer access. Also the manpower costs are reduced as the system is managed by trained professionals of SURE!
  • Cost Planning: You can predict and decide with the amount they will spend on their billing processes based on the milestones in their business plans.
  • Application Management: SURE! will take over your cumbersome management functions such as system maintenance, software upgrades and data back-up. Please refer to the Application Management Services section for more information
  • Scalability: SURE! works on relational databases, which allow the system to scale up from a few thousand subscriber records to over a million records
  • Security: Secured system with restricted access to users based on defined roles
  • Availability: The system is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days an year. Cluster architecture, hardware and network redundancy and a highly sophisticated back up system guarantee a round-the-clock access to the system
  • Integrations: Integrations with On-line Payment systems, Financial Accounting systems, Service or Content Portals, Self-care portal etc.
  • Support: Assured support during CET business hours and Access to qualified and trained professionals from SURE! through phone, email, Skype or web based issue coordination systems
  • Upgrades: Access to free future product upgrade versions
  • Training: Complete documentation would be provided along with training. Also web based training can be provided if required.

The SURE! Hosted Multi-Tenancy model is designed for SMEs of Cloud Business. You can concentrate more on customer acquisition and quicker break even. In this offering, you just have to register on the SURE! Billing platform without any investment towards infrastructure and software, and go live in no-time with Zero Capex. The entire product suite is available in this option; however, it is segregated into two parts.

  • Base product with Core billing components. Such as Contract Management, Billing, Rating, Customer Care etc.,
  • Optional modules such as, On-line Payment, Self-care portal.


  • Lesser Investment: Zero Capex (Capital Expenditure) and Opex (Operational Expenditure) based on a subscription model
  • Quicker Implementation: As most of the generic processes are pre-configured and operator specific processes can be simple to configure, it reduces implementation time frame drastically
  • Reliability: The application is hosted on a world class hosting platform, it gives 99.999% availability
  • Hassle Free Maintenance: Automatic Product version upgrades and patches
  • Continued Support: As we have a dedicated team to support our customers on the 24/7 model, any problem can be resolved at any time and can be resolved with a proper SLA
  • Future Proof: The same platform is also implemented for mid to large size operations. Because of which, even the multi-tenant based operator is growing and needs more processes automation and may also require a dedicated and domain focused product road map
  • Model Upgrade Flexibility: Flexibility is offered to all the multi-tenant customers to switch to either Hosted Dedicated or On-Premises models

The SURE! On-Premises solution is designed for Medium to Large sized Cloud Businesses. This enables you to scale up further in terms of your operations and back office automation. In this offering, you can opt for process customization and flexible integration of services.

The solution is implemented on-premises and within the network of the customer. It is similar to any other enterprise class implementations.