SURE! Billing and CRM for 4G / LTE Operators

SURE! offers Pre- integrated 4G LTE Billing, CRM, Online Charging, AAA & PCRF, solution resulting in

a) Rapid time to market due to faster integration, implementation & launch of new services,

b) Unified controls for Prepaid & postpaid (360 degree view of the customer on a Single interface window helps reduce subscriber churn & disputes and improve cross-sell/up-sell)

c) Enables seamless subscriber experience, end- to-end automation and real-time service activation for rapid customer acquisition.

With SURE! Billing & CRM, operators also have the choice of choosing complete solution or just modular components.

The visual business benefits that SURE! LTE Billing & CRM:

  • Lowest TCO
  • Very smooth migration with SURE!. Mitigates any migration risks as SURE! is reliable and compliant to Industry standards.
  • Highly transparent gains on CAPEX and OPEX
  • Flexibility in terms of adopting robust billing platform and proven to be scalable.
  • Enables rapid time to market for complex LTE offerings and multi-play offerings.
  • Future-proof and scalable solution in terms of network growth and emerging technologies in Wireless Broadband.
  • Ability to bill for multiple services using one billing system
  • Management of complete billing process by pre-integrating with various network elements in the eco-system
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