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Utility Billing

SURE! Billing and CIS Suite for Utility Operators

Utility companies across the globe are facing regulatory, competitive, investment, supply, environmental and price pressures. In order to cope with this, they have to continually improve decision making, customer focus and enterprise performance. This, in turn, calls for greater visibility across business processes, customer demands and field operations, combined with the flexibility to react rapidly to changing situations.

A robust and dynamic IT environment is critical in this scenario, the key business support systems being Customer Relationship Management, Meter Data Management and Billing.

SURE! solution is a cloud based end-to-end Utility Billing and customer care system designed to handle residential and commercial billing requirements of Municipal and public Utilities. Key features solution include

    • Full-featured business rule-driven solution that includes Meter data management, Consolidated Billing and Collections, Customer management, Workforce management, Consumption-based charging, Reporting, Revenue settlement and Utility Analytics.
    • High-performance and scalable billing engine that has been deployed in carrier grade environments supporting a customer base of several million
    • A proven transaction processing core that has been benchmarked in excess of 1,000,000 records per minute
    • GUI-driven configuration and rule-based data processing that enables Utilities to adapt business processes to changing local market rules, regulatory and environmental requirements
    • An open and scalable technology platform that allows easy integration into an existing system landscape

Solution Architecture

SURE! Utility Billing Solution Architecture

This module collects, validates, estimates, formats, archives and outputs meter data to back-end applications. It is specifically designed to be scalable and flexible enough to support large AMR deployments.

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Customer Support Representatives can easily view account status data and service customer requests, allowing faster and more efficient customer care. This module manages customer-related information, via easy- to- use GUIs.

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The workflow module works seamlessly with customer care to ensure that business processes are modelled accurately in the application. This module supports the definition of complex process flows, including conditional branches, alerts and escalations.

Workflows can be triggered and completed by a combination of manual and automatic steps, making it a powerful and customizable productivity tool.

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Enables configuration of rate tables via a GUI, and computation of usage charges based on rate tables and consumption values.

Tariffs are built from reusable components, which accelerate time-to-market. Standard rate plans can also be customized right down to individual customers, which provides great flexibility in offering bespoke pricing deals especially to high-value customers

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The entire bill processing activity chain including statement generation and charge accumulation is managed within this module. Bill stages and bill generation are user configurable, enabling users to review data and bills before posting and printing.

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Payment processing is an important phase of customer acquisition and involves tracking of the collections made by the customers through the channel partners. Timely collection of payments will bring in the desired cash flow into the service provider organization and is a very critical function with respect to the stability of the organization

Magnaquest’s SURE! has end to end Payment and collection features to support payments via different modes of payments as well as collection mechanisms to make sure that proper follow-up is performed so as to track the unpaid amounts.

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